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One Brand of Harbor Freight Nitrile Gloves Tests Well

Best Gloves for Automotive Work Reveals How Harbor Freight Gloves Compare

Are you spending too much on a poorly performing nitrile glove for car maintenance and repair? Here’s the latest test results after pitting several nitrile glove brands against each other including two Harbor Freight brands that will take the guesswork out of deciding which brand of gloves you should and should not be buying. Plus, why the cheapest brand tested turned out to be the best for particular repairs.
Tesla Cybertruck

New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Spotted With A Broken Windshield, Lidar Sensors & Unusual Wheels

Tesla is currently in the process of getting ready to launch the Cybertruck. And today, we got a glimpse into that process as a new Cybertruck prototype was spotted which appeared to have been off-road testing. This Cybertruck prototype had a broken windshield, several scratches all over the body, bolted-on Lidar sensors, and a new unconventional wheel design.