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The 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible

All 2014 Ford Mustang V8s get a price hike - still cost less than Camaro

The pricing for the entire 2014 Ford Mustang lineup has arrived on the Ford website and while all of the V6 models carry the same price for the 2014 model year as they did for 2013 – all of the 2014 Mustangs powered by a V8 engine will cost you more than the 2013 model year GT and GT500.
The Corolla Furia Concept. Image courtesy of Toyota.

The concept cars of NYIAS or the automotive future at the crossroads

There are two kinds of people who attend auto shows – those who plan to buy a new car soon and want to see them all in one place to make comparisons and narrow their choices or those who simply want to be thrilled by the latest models and especially the ground-breaking concepts that herald the cars of the future.
Image from the NICB video. Desktop picture from NICB site.

Staged accidents with Big Rigs foreshadow tragedy [video]

It was 20 years ago that Mother Jones warned us about swoop-and-squat insurance fraud, but now the masterminds targeting the insurance industry have found a mark with much deeper pockets – the over-the-road truckers who, due to the size and potential havoc the big rigs could cause, are required to carry massive amounts of liability insurance.