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2011 BMW 535i named NADAguides' best car for August

NADAguides chose the 2011 BMW 535i for its August Car of the Month, "based on exceptional overall design inside and out, smooth power, controlled and comfortable drive, responsive handling and intuitive ahead-of-the-curve technology and safety features," the online automotive analysts said in making the announcement this afternoon.

Are asphalt streets making our heat wave worse???

Most of the country has been locked in a record setting heat wave for 19 days or more while the southern 11 percent of the country (around the gulf coast) is facing one of the worst droughts in history. Is the blacktop surface of 94 percent of our roads, parking lots, big box stores and malls contributing to the heat domes forming over our cities?

Cyclone Power awarded $1.4M from U.S. Army

Despite all the rhetoric to cut defense budgets, there is still good news for Pompano Beach, Florida. Cyclone Power Technologies (Pink Sheets: CYPW), developer of the all-fuel, clean-tech Cyclone Engine, and its licensee, Advent Power Systems, Inc. announced that they have been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army / TACOM (Tank Automotive Command) valued at $1.4 million.

Idling vehicles waste gas and befoul the atmosphere

You’ve seen it yourself - if indeed you’re not guilty - someone idling their vehicle for no apparently good reason. Nice weather, waiting for junior at the middle school and listening to the radio with the motor running. Then there’s the lines of people at the Taco Bell drive-up, six or seven deep, who will sit in their car for up to 20 minutes just to avoid parking and walking 20 feet. No wonder America has a weight problem!