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Plans For Powerful Hybrid Mustang Reportedly Shelved

As the big reveal gets closer and closer more information is coming out about the upcoming 2024 Mustang. For sure, it will likely have a V8 powerplant under the hood. Indeed, the V8 is likely the last gasoline engine that will power the Mustang line. Plans for a hybrid -- battery/gas engine -- Mustang have reportedly been shelved. The reveal is coming Sept. 14.
Tesla Model Y

Model Y With Tesla Vision Receives Top Score On New Euro NCAP Safety Test Despite Lack Of Radar

The Tesla Model Y has received a leading score of 98 percent in Euro NCAP's automatic emergency braking test despite the vehicle not being equipped with radar. This is a great testament to Elon Musk's and Tesla's belief that level 5 autonomy can be achieved using only cameras.
Tesla solar roof

Elon Musk Says More Tesla Solar & Batteries Are Needed In California Amid Record Heat Wave & Power Outages

California is currently experiencing record heat waves and a record electricity demand with authorities warning residents to prepare for rolling blackout. And in response, Elon Musk says the state needs more solar panels & stationary batteries to deal with the current situation.
Tesla Is Reportedly Tendering for Contracts of 2nd Gigafactory in Shanghai

Tesla Is Reportedly Tendering for Contracts of 2nd Gigafactory in Shanghai

There are unconfirmed rumors in China that Tesla is building a second Gigafactory in China. This is in addition to a strong possibility that Tesla has already started certain processed to build a Gigafactory in Quebec Canada. But now we are hearing rumors of a second Gigafactory in China. In this report I am going to tell you everything I know abut it, some of which is confirmed, while the rest is not.