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Tesla Model 3

Why the Tesla Model 3 is a Perfect Option for Any Regular Driver

The Tesla Model 3 is today the best-selling electric car in the world, with undeniable success in markets such as the United States, Europe or China; it is definitely the ideal choice for making a transition between any 'ICE' (Internal Combustion Vehicle) car and a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) car, considering that a $ 40,000 price tag would not be a problem.
Made in Japan Toyotas

Are Toyota's Made in Japan Better than Toyota's Made in America? Let’s Find Out!

The odds are pretty good that any Toyota you pick on the road at random was actually made in America. But are there any differences in how a particular make and model you own turns out if it was made in Japan versus the U.S.? Here’s what some automotive experts have to say about the question of who cranks out the better Toyota; plus, how you can tell which country your Toyota was manufactured in.
Polestar 4 2025

This is What We Know About Polestar 4 – an Electric SUV Slated To Fight Against Tesla Y

After the news of Polestar going public at NASDAQ, Swedish-based company CEO Thomas Ingenlath announced that they are preparing a new electric SUV to join their offering by 2025. The new SUV, possibly a tad larger than the Porsche Macan, will bear a Polestar 4 insignia. It is a fourth car in the future lineup of five. Fifth being the production version of the impressive Polestar Precept Concept.
Tesla Model S

Tesla´s Next Gamechanger: Blockchain, IoT, Smart Charging, Smart Grids, Open Standards Combined

Tesla is not just a car company, like Ford, Toyota, GM or Volkswagen: it is actually a technology & energy company that combines a wide variety of tools made up of the latest cutting-edge technologies. In part, some of those technologies, like IoT, Smart Charging, Smart Grids and Blockchain are already deployed in the real world.
Brake job savings tips.

Toyota Maintenance Mechanic Shows How to Cut Brake Repair Job Costs in Half

Looking to save money on your brake job estimate without compromising on safety and performance? Here are some tips from a Toyota Maintenance mechanic who shows how he cut the cost of a brake repair job in half by showing that not all dealership service department estimates are honest; and, that “only-OEM” advice has its exceptions.