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Tesla AI Day - Big Reveals

Tesla AI Day - Big Reveals

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s most innovative companies with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology? Tesla AI Day, of course! Held yesterday, Tesla AI Day was a chance for the company to show off some of its latest AI-powered products and give attendees a glimpse into the future of how AI will be used in transportation and service. Here are some of the big reveals from the event!
Toyota bZ3 Sedan To Challenge Tesla Model Y with a competitive price

Cheap Tesla Alternative: Toyota Wants To Score With a New Electric Sedan With a Competitive Price

Toyota is late with its electric cars, but the Japanese carmaker has promised to deliver more than the only model bZ4X so far. The next model in the bZ series is scheduled to start this year. It could become a real alternative for a Tesla. Toyota's challenge to Tesla? This electric car comes at a competitive price.

Ford Introduces Its Totally Redesigned Super Duty Lineup For 2023

If it has seemed busy at Ford lately, you're right, it has been very active. A couple of weeks ago, the automaker introduced the seventh-generation Ford Mustang and then it opened -- and likely quickly closed -- the order banks for the incredibly popular compact Maverick pickup. Finally, the automaker introduced its redesigned Super Duty heavy-duty truck lineup.
Older Oil Burning Toyotas Can Still Be Fixed

The One Toyota Corolla Model You Might Want to Avoid Unless the Engine's Had This Fix

Corollas are great cars---there’s no arguing that. However, it turns out some Corollas came out with the infamous oil burning engine that sometimes resulted in ruined cylinder walls. Find out now which engine this is and how that there is a fix for this engine in case you find one without damaged cylinder walls and are willing to invest a little work and money into it to make it run like a Corolla should.
Why Your Asphalt Driveway is a Safety Issue

How to Replace Your Entire Driveway for DIY Mechanics

If you are a DIY mechanic and own an asphalt driveway where you do most of your car repairs, then this is a must-watch video that shows in detail how a driveway is properly replaced to make it a safe and attractive workspace for your car. Plus, the costs of having it done and some bonus info on how to protect your asphalt driveway from damage while working on your car.