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Consumer Reports Finds Small Hybrids that are Roomy and Comfy

Roomiest and Comfiest Compact Hybrid Cars Tested by Consumer Reports

Do the words “roomy” and “comfortable” seem out of place when talking about compact cars? According to the latest Consumer Reports testing of hybrid compact cars, these models are the ones you should consider, saying that they are among the roomiest and most comfortable interiors in a compact car that were measured and tested for shoppers wanting the most in a smaller sized sedan that is energy efficient.
Most Reliable Cars Today

Consumer Reports 10 Most Reliable Cars You Can Buy Today

Reliability is the number one factor car owners want and expect with the purchase of a new vehicle. However, many models do not meet this expectation. To help consumers find cars that do meet this expectation, analysts have dug into the data and determined that these are the 10 most reliable cars you can buy today.
New Cars That Break Down

Consumer Reports Says These 10 Vehicles Are the Least Reliable to Own

According to one study some of today’s newest car models are predicted to wind up in garages for repair more often than ever before due to the complexity of added on safety features. However, some models are even worse than others according to a recent Consumer Reports list of what they say are the 10 vehicles that are the least reliable of them all.