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Inexpensive and Useful Tools All Mechanics Need

25 Tools Under $15 Every Toolbox Needs from Harbor Freight

Here is a recent recommendation of 25 tools under $15 from Harbor Freight that are the little items nice to have in your toolbox and/or gift someone with that are useful and no one who works on cars would ever begrudge. Plus, a few pricier items that includes a special bench vise every mechanic needs---but probably does not have on their bench.
New Hybrid Model Review Shows That This is Not Your Older Brother's Hybrid

Should you Buy a Toyota Camry Hybrid Advice from a Toyota Mechanic

Here’s a report from a Toyota mechanic with his owner’s update and opinion about the things he liked and did not like about his Toyota Camry Hybrid after nearly one year and 5,000 miles. Plus, watch as he demonstrates how to inspect and maintain this model after the first 5,000 miles with recommended tips and tricks you will not find in the manual.
Why Amazon Auto Parts Scams Exist

Amazon Auto Parts Scam You Need to Know About

The old saw of “You Get What You Paid For” is nowhere more true than when it comes to auto parts with name brands on them that eventually prove to be inferior quality parts. Here’s the latest on why you should avoid any significantly less expensive auto parts regardless of the name brand claim---even if the seller swears it came from a name brand parts manufacturer.

Ford To Add Transit Trail Van To Its Off-Roading Lineup

There's a lot to be said for seeing and seizing opportunities. Time and again, recently Ford has taken a look at its lineup and has added off-road variants that are hugely popular. The mid-sized Ranger Raptor is one example as is the Bronco Raptor. Even the staid SUV, the Explorer, has an off-roading option, the Timberline. Ford has done it again with its tease of the upcoming van for off-roaders, the Transit Trail Van.
Genius Tools for Your Home Garage

An Affordable Car Lift Solution for Your Home Garage

Do you believe that having your own car lift in your garage is just a pipe dream? Think again and discover just how affordable and doable it is to make that dream come true as well. Plus, learn about a few other tools such as a one-size-fits-all socket that can make automotive work more enjoyable and not have to carry a heavy toolbox in the trunk for roadside emergencies.

Bronco Brand Earns Rebelle Rally's First-Ever Three-Peat In The X-Cross Class

Taking part in this year's 2022 Rebelle Rally, Ford Motor scored the rally's first ever three-peat in the X-Cross class. Ford fielded three factory teams and there were other independents, as well, in the all-women's desert rally that covered 1,600 miles out west. This was the seventh edition.