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Not All Luxury SUVs are Keepers

Used Luxury SUVs to Avoid and What to Buy Instead Per Consumer Reports Update

Used luxury cars that look nice and can be found at an attractively low price can be tempting. However, according to a recent update from Consumer Reports some luxury SUV models that you can find on the cheap used will likely leave you with car shoppers’ remorse afterward. Here are the ones to avoid and the ones CR analysts recommend with the latest pricing.
2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness

Wagons Aren’t Cool, But The Subaru Outback Is Now One Of The 25 Coolest Cars This Year

What are the coolest cars you can buy this year? The wagon is not cool, but the 2023 Subaru Outback is now among the coolest cars of 2023. According to U.S. News, the Outback Wilderness trim level is among the best new family cars for 2023.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Indonesian Official Confirms Talks With Tesla Are Ongoing, Says Giga Mexico Doesn’t Change Tesla’s Asia Plans

Tesla, in the last 2 months has announced it will be building 2 new factories - one adjacent to Giga Nevada, and another in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. However, despite the already aggressive expansion plans, an Indonesian official has confirmed talks to build an EV plant are ongoing and that Giga Mexico doesn't change Tesla's plant to build a factory in Asia.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Issues A Rare Physical Recall For A Model Y Back Seat Issue

Although by now it might seem that Tesla is issuing a recall for its vehicles every other week, most recalls are benign software issues addressed by an over-the-air software update. However, today, Tesla has issued a rare physical recall for improperly torqued bolts fastening the second-row seat back of the Model Y.
2021 Nissan Rogue Sport Grille

Nissan Recalls 700,000-Plus Rogues For Issue With Jackknife-Style Ignition Key

For years carmakers from Ford to Nissan and others have used a "jackknife-style" ignition key where the ignition key folds into the body of the key fob when you press a button. This style of ignition key has presented a problem for Nissan, where wear has made it possible for the key to turn off the ignition when you are driving, creating a potential hazard. Nissan has recalled over 700,000 Nissan Rogues and Rogue Sports that used this style key to fix the problem.