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2023 Nissan Pathfinder front exterior design

2023 Nissan Patfinder Rock Creek: Family Fun Without Compromising Comfort

Nissan has introduced a new trim to its 2023 Pathfinder lineup, called Rock Creek, to help families get farther into nature to find more remote campsites or fishing holes down gravel roads and two-track trails. This week Torque News drove this off-road SUV and presents you this review.
Why the Toyota 4Runner Remains Unchanged

This 2023 Toyota is the Last Ultra Reliable Truck-Like SUV You Can Buy Today

We all know that Toyota is well-known for reliability in its SUVs. But did you know that some models are still more reliable than others?! Here’s the latest from a respected car consultant on why he chooses one of Toyota’s oldest style SUVs over all others today---which just might appeal to shoppers wanting a truck…but have to find a compromise vehicle instead.
Sometimes an Ugly Prius is a Good Deal

Toyota Mechanic Shows How to Pick a Used Prius from the Government

Picking a used Prius is not always as straight forward as judging its care based on its appearance. A Toyota mechanic shows what to actually look for in an ugly Prius so that you do not pass on one that could be a good deal that other used car shoppers will miss. Plus, why a previously government-owned vehicle can be a real steal.
Cars Designed to Drive Like a Human...Only Better

Can a Robotaxi Break the Rules of the Road?

Can autonomous self-driving cars be designed and programmed to break the rules of the road to perform the way car owners want? Here’s a recent look at what is currently happening with autonomous car tech that is striving to make full self-driving capabilities a reality on our roads while at the same time making the ride as human-like as possible.