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Tesla Model S

Ship Carrying The First Tesla Model S Plaids To Arrive In Europe Ending 2 Years Of Wait

It has been more than two years since Tesla last delivered the Model S and X to Europe. This has undoubtedly disappointed a lot of prospective buyers, however, the wait seems to finally be over as a ship carrying Model S Plaids is expected to dock in Zeebrugge, Belgium today.
Wrong Tire Size Causes Noise and Can Be a Safety Issue

Toyota Safety Warning: Simple Steps to Find Out Why Your Toyota is So Noisy

Do you own a “Whistling Toyota”? Does your Toyota seem to be making more noise than usual? Before chalking up the cause to just being a part of normal car aging, here are some simple steps to find out why your Toyota is so noisy before expensive neglect happens or you wind up needlessly firing a parts cannon at the problem. Plus, find out the most common cause of car noise owners miss and why this is a safety concern.
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Unveils V4 Supercharger With 1000KW Capability, 3X Current Density & Will “Be Used For Cybertruck”

At yesterday's Semi delivery event, Tesla has officially taken the wraps off the company's next-generation V4 superchargers. According to Tesla, the V4 supercharger can charge at 1000KW and has 3 times the current density. However, even more impressively, Elon Musk has also shared that the V4 supercharger "is going to be used for Cybertruck."
Tesla Semi

Tesla Will Live Stream The Semi Delivery Event On Twitter, Here Are All The Links To Watch The Event

It has been 5 years since Tesla first unveiled the company's all-electric class 8 truck. However, today the wait is finally over as the EV maker is only hours away from making the first deliveries. And to add to the excitement, Tesla has announced the event will be streaming live on Twitter. Below are links to all the places Tesla will be live streaming the Semi delivery event.
The Boring Company Pod

Tesla’s Chief Designer Says He Prefers The Design Of The Upcoming “Futuristic” Robotaxi Than Even The Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck has one of the most iconic designs of any production vehicle. However, today, in a new CNBC interview, asked what his favorite vehicle design is, Tesla's Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen revealed that he prefers the design of the upcoming driverless "futuristic" robotaxi even to that of the design of the Cybertruck.