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Elon Musk

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Remove The Vehicle Order Online Payment Processing Fee

Tesla's unique direct-to-consumer sales approach has been a significant contributor to the company's success. And today, in keeping up with its innovative approach, Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will be removing the vehicle order online payment processing fee.
Tesla's main four car factories

Tesla's 4 Factories on Track To Surpass BMW's Production as Already Making 2.1 Million Cars in 2023

Tesla's four car factories across China, Germany, and the US are currently producing at an estimated run rate of over 2.1 million cars per year, and are on track to surpass BMW's global annual production run rate of 2.4 million by this summer.
Tesla Giga Texas

Tesla has Reached an Annualized Production Rate of a Quarter Million Model Y’s at Giga Texas

Tesla officially inaugurated Giga Texas a little more than a year ago. However, today, according to leaked data the plant has reached a Model Y production rate of 5000 vehicles a week. This gives Giga Texas an annualized production rate of 250,000 vehicles per year.
What Happens with a Clogged Oil Filter?

What Happens When Your Car’s Oil Filter Gets Clogged

Ever wonder whether choosing the right oil filter is really all that important? Here’s a good answer to that question that shows what happens when your car’s oil filter gets clogged and why you should be wary of any oil treatment product sold at your local auto parts store. Plus, an easy way to dissect your own oil filter for some filter analysis.