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Tesla Autopilot Ignores Police and Drives On As Driver Falls Asleep at The Wheel

Tesla Driver Falls Asleep at The Wheel - Autopilot Ignores Police and Drives On

Yesterday a very strange and dangerous thing happened in the Bavarian town of Bamberg in Germany that is related to Tesla and its Autopilot. On the Bavarian Autobahn Tesla driver fell asleep in autopilot mode. Autopilot ignored police and kept driving, multiple German media sources report, including Der Spiegel.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Elon Musk Tells Employees ‘Tesla Will Be Most Valuable Company On Earth’ Says To Ignore Stock Decline

Since Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter, Tesla's market cap has gone down by more than $600 billion. This has caused a lot of concern to investors and Tesla employees who are all shareholders. However, today in a company-wide email Musk told employees to ignore the EV maker's stock market decline and that he believes Tesla will be the most valuable company on earth.
Ford Lightning

2022 Was Quite A Year For Ford With New Models, A Prestigious Award, And Huge Demand

This year has been quite a big one for Ford, with a new model proving so attractive to buyers that the reservation period is over, and buyers won't have their compact pickups until sometime next year. Also, the Lightning continues to attract new buyers to the electric pickup.