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Used Sedan Recommendations for Car Shoppers

Consumer Reports Under $25K Used Midsized Sedans with the Best Fuel Economy

Here are the latest recommendations from Consumer Reports analysts for car shoppers looking for reasonably priced used sedans that not only rate among the best when it comes to fuel efficiency but are also rated relatively reliable in comparison to many other 5-year-old sedan makes and models.
Despite Small Engine, Owners Say 2023 Toyota Highlander Feels “Quick”

Small Engine, Big Surprise: The 2023 Toyota Highlander's Speed Defies Expectations and Delights Owners

After a few prospective owners became a little circumspective about the 2023 Toyota Highlander’s turbo 4cyl engine, current owners are saying they don’t feel much of a difference in power for every day driving.
2018 Subaru Legacy

CR's 6 Reliable Fuel-Stingy 5 Year-Old Cars - Subaru Legacy Is A Better Pick Now

With new vehicles challenging to find, what are the most reliable and fuel-efficient used midsize sedans? An updated report says the 2018 Subaru Legacy is one of the top five-year-old sedans to put on your shopping list. See why it's a better pick over the 2017 Legacy model year.