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Land Rover fire hazard recall

When Smelling Gasoline Around Your Car is an Immediate Problem

Have you smelled gasoline around your car, or perhaps noticed---but ignored---a small fluid stain in your driveway? If so, then you will want to hear about the latest recall alert to SUV owners about a potential gasoline leak and what you can do to avoid a dangerous driving condition that could easily end in flames. Plus, a true story about a vehicle fire that I caused!
2021 Ford Bronco Rebelle Rally team

Ford Ready To Showcase Broncos At 2021 Rebelle Rally

Will be second year for Bronco family of vehicles which includes Bronco two-door, Bronco four-door and Bronco Sport SUVs. All vehicles competed in last year’s event with Bronco Sport team taking first place. All three Bronco entries to be outfitted with livery inspired by Bronco 4600 vehicle that will run in the ULTRA4 stock class off-road race series.

Popular Compact Cars That are Winners and Losers According to Consumer Reports Automotive Experts

Here’s the latest for car buyers looking to buy a small sedan or hatchback with this recommendation to avoid two losers; and instead, choose these recommended better choice compacts or their under-the-radar alternatives you may not be aware about.
Spark plug connector grease is often applied wrong.

Spark Plug Car Maintenance Mistakes Many Car Owners and Service Centers Make

Have you ever had new spark plugs installed by a service center or perhaps even did it yourself, only to discover something was not quite right with how your engine ran afterward? Here’s a Toyota Maintenance warning concerning your spark plugs that many people make.