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Engine Oil and Filter Info for Toyota Owners

How to Maintain your Toyota with DIY Instruction from These Toyota Mechanics

Are you under the impression that today’s Toyotas are too complicated for the owner to do any maintenance of their own? Would you like to avoid lube center scams? Here is your chance to learn how to maintain your Toyota by following this advice and instruction from two popular YouTube channel Toyota mechanics who demonstrate what you need to know and how easy it can be to keep your Toyota running well. Plus, find out the number one cause of high energy battery failure in hybrid Toyotas.
The Corolla Makes a Great Commuter Car

The Best Used Affordable Economical Commuter Car Recommended by This Mechanic

Wondering what may be the best used affordable and economical commuter car you can buy today? Here’s a look at one particular model this mechanic examines and says that this could possibly be one of the best commuter cars you can find used. Plus, a bonus video explaining a transmission fluid replacement on this same car that is a DIY maintenance task you can do in case you are lucky enough to find and buy this model.
Image showing Koenigsegg's Quark electric motor beside a 330 ml energy drink can for scale

Koenigsegg's "Quark" Electric Motor Weighs 63 Pounds, Makes 335 Horsepower

Koenigsegg has a history of turning problems into performance advantages by inventing its own beautifully engineered components to replace parts that don't meet its demands. The Quark is the latest such creation; a tiny electric motor with a huge number of potential applications.
First Things First Approach to a Dash Warning Light

The First Thing to Check with a Check Engine Light Warning

Contrary to what you may have heard about the dreaded check engine warning light on your dashboard panel, it does not necessarily mean that you are in for an expensive repair bill. Here’s a quick video on the first maintenance task you should do before anything else after your check engine light comes on.