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Tesla FSD Beta

Tesla Autopilot Falls To 7th Place On Consumer Reports Test, Says Autopilot Hasn’t Improved Since 2014

Consumer Reports, in its latest test of Active Driver Assist software by 12 manufacturers ranked Tesla number 7 writing “Tesla autopilot falls to midpack as other high-tech systems improve.” Consumer Reports adds saying "that’s because Tesla hasn’t changed Autopilot’s basic functionality much since it first came out."
Elon Musk Just Confirmed Another Use for Tesla’s 4680 Batteries

Tesla 4680 Is Changing the Game Again, Elon Musk Confirms 4680 Battery Cells to Power More than Just Cars!

Tesla has been the leader in the electric vehicle industry for years and it looks like they are about to extend their lead even further. Tesla CEO Elon Musk last night announced that the company's 4680 battery cells would not only be used for electric cars, but also for Tesla Energy's battery storage products. This news is great for Tesla as it shows that the mass production of the 4680 cells has been solved.
Tesla's New Plan Includes a Special New Factory For 4680 Battery Production

Tesla's New Plan Includes a Special New Factory For 4680 Battery Production

Today Tesla announced the location of its next two gigafactories in Nevada. The main news is that it's for the production of Tesla Semi, which most people thought was going to be produced at Giga Texas. However, Tesla's plan also includes a new factory for the production of 4680 battery cells, which is a significant leap forward by Tesla.
Tesla Giga Berlin

Following Recent Price Cuts Tesla Model 3 & Y Now Qualify For Germany’s €6,750 EV Incentive

Following the recent price cuts in Germany, which reduced the Model 3s starting price by 6000 euros and the Model Y's starting price by 9,100 euros, the company's best-selling vehicles now qualify for an EV incentive in the country. According to Tesla, now both the Model 3 & Y qualify for the full €6,750 EV Incentive.
Honda Just Made a Major EV Announcement Creating a Whole New Division

Honda Just Made a Major EV Announcemnt Creating a Whole New Division

Honda, the Japanese automaker, announced today that it will create a new division to strengthen and speed up its electrification business. This new division will be effective as of April 1st and will consolidate the company's electrification strategy and development of auto, motorcycle, and power products.