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2023 Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra pickup trucks

Used Pickup Truck Prices May Drop Dramatically as Recession Hits

Is the American Dream of owning a pickup truck about to come crashing down? Experts predict a drastic drop in pickup truck prices as the economy enters a recession. But not all truck manufacturers and models are created equal. Find out which pickups are expected to hold their value and which ones may leave you stranded at the dealership in this brief report about pickup truck prices in a recession.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Tesla Hasn’t Reached A Deal To Build A Factory In Mexico Confirms Government Official

Last month we received reports suggesting Tesla has chosen Mexico as the site for the company's next Gigafactory and that the EV maker is only days away from making the announcement. However, today in a statement made to Nikkei Asia, Emmanuel Loo, the deputy secretary of economic development for Nuevo Leon confirmed that a deal hasn't been reached.
oyota Shakeup and Tesla's Ascent: The Auto Industry's Center is Shifting

Toyota Shakeup and Tesla's Ascent: The Auto Industry's Center is Shifting

As the electric vehicle revolution continues to disrupt the traditional automotive industry, the once untouchable giants of the industry, Toyota and Renault-Nissan, are struggling to adapt and find their footing, while Tesla's aggressive expansion plans threaten to leave them in the dust.
Ford Bronco Wildtrak

Ford Gives Bronco Customers Options For Waiting

For the last couple of years, since the order books were opened, many Ford Bronco customers have had to wait until there was sufficient supply to allow the automaker to turn customer reservations into full orders. That hasn't happened, as Ford doesn't have the inventory to meet the demand. Ford will offer customers options if they don't want to wait.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Drops Mind-Blowing Product Teaser During Earnings Call

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Drops Mind-Blowing Product Teaser During Earnings Call

Tesla's Q4 2022 Earnings call just ended, leaving investors and fans alike in a frenzy. CEO Elon Musk teased a major announcement, saying, "We have other products in development. We're not going to reveal them today, but It will blow people's minds when people see them."
Tesla FSD Beta

Tesla Autopilot Falls To 7th Place On Consumer Reports Test, Says Autopilot Hasn’t Improved Since 2014

Consumer Reports, in its latest test of Active Driver Assist software by 12 manufacturers ranked Tesla number 7 writing “Tesla autopilot falls to midpack as other high-tech systems improve.” Consumer Reports adds saying "that’s because Tesla hasn’t changed Autopilot’s basic functionality much since it first came out."