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Tesla Model S interior

Elon Musk Gives A subtle Nod To Tesla’s Upcoming Model 3 Refresh Dubbed Project Highland

For months now there have been speculations that Tesla is working on a refresh to the Model 3 and has codenamed the project "Highland." However, today, although subtle, we have received our first confirmation regarding project Highland from Elon Musk.
Ford-Cosworth Powered F1 Racer

Ford To Use F1 Return As Incubator For New Vehicle Technologies

In the early history of the auto revolution, racing was an incubator for all kinds of technology. From propulsion to engine tech to safety tech, the torture test of high-speed racing provided the basis for the auto industry to move ahead in leaps. Take one more recent example, tire tech. In the latter 20th-century radial tire tech still needed a proof of concept. Racing did it, and now all tires -- with a very few exceptions -- are safer for radial technology.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Tesla China Produces Record 66k Vehicles In January Despite Extended Holiday Shutdown

Tesla China has just posted a record delivery number for the month of January producing and selling 66,051 vehicles. This number is even more impressive when we take into account that Giga Shanghai was closed in the last 8 days of January for the Chinese Lunar new year.
White Kia Niro EV and Light Blue Kia Seltos

Kia Sets New January Sales Records In the US, Off To Roaring Start For 2023

Kia just had its best ever sales results in the US for January, 2023. This is Kia’s sixth consecutive monthly sales record and a pretty good sign that the global supply chain issues that plagued all car manufacturers are no longer (much of) a problem. There are some details in Kia’s January sales figures worth investigating in order to study how their model lineup is doing and where it may be on track to grow the most.
Tesla Cybertruck

A Production Beta Cybertruck Spotted Out Testing Near Tesla Design Studio Following Elon Musk’s Review

Yesterday, Elon Musk announced that he just reviewed the production beta Cybertruck and added to the hype of the vehicle by saying "it's incredible." And today, a new Cybertruck prototype has been spotted testing close to Tesla's design studio with two never before seen changes.