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2019 Nissan Leaf EV

Why EV sales are up in China and Europe but down for the U.S. Except for Tesla

Overall across the globe, EV sales are up, and the future looks bright. But in the U.S. recent changes in national fuel economy and smog requirements have caused EV sales to drop here. Tesla seems to be the only U.S. automaker who is not holding back, and their growing sales numbers show that many buyers want EVs.
Toyota Prius Engine Third Generation

Update For BG Products Claim To Fix Toyota Prius Oil Consumption

Toyota Prius oil consumption issues are a hot topic. Like hotter than black leather seats on a summer day. I recently was put in touch with a company called BG Products who has claimed their "hybrid" repair kit will solve these issues. I am 1000 miles into my oil change and here is what I have noticed so far.
Toyota Traction Battery

What The Future Of Toyota Prius Battery Repair Could Look Like

There are a flood of Toyota Prius cars that are on the road today. In these generations of cars we see that there are anywhere from 28 to 32 battery modules that make up the hybrid battery. The HV batteries are aging but the owners are so in love with the car, they do not want to junk them. With many repair and refurbish places creeping up all the time, these battery modules will eventually get too worn out to use again. My thoughts are that this market will not die, but evolve, and here is how.
The automotive car mechanic

What You Need To Know When Finding A Mechanic For Your Toyota Prius

While I will absolutely tout the Toyota Prius as being a top choice for buying new and used, it is not invincible. What most Prius owners think is that they need to find a "mechanic" who can "fix" the car for "cheap" when things do happen. If you think a good mechanic is expensive, try hiring a bad one. Here is what you need to know when looking for the right person to fix your vehicle.