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Tesla's Elon Musk Explains What It Means To Start a Company

Tesla's Elon Musk Poetically Explains What It Means To Start a Company

Starting a company is not for the faint of heart, and that's exactly what Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has proven time and time again. In this article, we delve into the words of experience from one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and explore the challenges and sacrifices that come with starting a company.
Ford Bronco at King of the Hammers

King Of The Hammers Helps Ford Ensure That Its Off-Road Vehicles Improve

From the early days of racing, Ford has used racing to improve its products. Brakes, for instance, are advanced by huge leaps thanks to racing through shoes and drums to discs. Tire tech, too, developed thanks to racing and events like the King of the Hammers where Ford pushes and refines products like the Bronco.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Inventory Falls To Only 7 Vehicles In The Entire US, Down 99.5% Since Price Cuts

Last month, Tesla cut the prices of all its vehicles in the US. This has spurred incredible demand for Tesla vehicles, especially the Model Y which saw its prices cut by 20%. Today, we see the full effect of the price adjustments as inventory numbers for the Model Y has fallen to 7 vehicles in the entire US. This number is down by 99.5% since January 12.
Tesla's Latest Battery Breakthrough Will Change The Battery Game

Tesla's Latest Battery Breakthrough Will Change The Battery Game

In a groundbreaking revelation, researchers at the Tesla-funded battery research center at Dalhousie University have discovered the cause of lithium-ion batteries' tendency to self-discharge. This simple yet profound finding has the potential to increase the life expectancy of batteries and revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.
2018 Subaru Outback

CR’s Reliable 5-Year-Old SUVs - Subaru Outback Now Ranks Above 2 Top Toyota Models

Which used SUVs are the most reliable for shoppers this winter? Here are Consumer Reports' best 5-year-old SUV picks and why they say the 2018 Subaru Outback is among the best choice for used SUV shoppers and scores better than two popular Toyota models. Check out the midsize SUV report here.
Tesla FSD Beta

Elon Musk Says Tesla FSD Beta V11 Coming End Of Week, Attributes Delay To Major Architectural Rewrite

Tesla FSD Beta v11 is expected to bring vector spaces and use of all 8 cameras to highway driving. In addition, V11 is also expected to replace manually written codes with neural nets for highway driving. Musk says these major architectural changes are the reason for the software's multiple delays. However, he hopes Tesla can finally release V11 by end of this week.