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Toyota Prius Silver Night Driving 2012

3 Crazy Stories My Mechanic/Dealer Told Me About My Toyota Prius

As an automotive professional, it drives me crazy when friends or family tell me their woes of poor service at a dealer or independent shop. I thought it would be great to use a few of my own experiences along with some others to show what crazy things Toyota Prius owners have been told with their vehicles.
Tesla Model 3 Red Country Road

Refueling Costs For Tesla Model 3 Vs Toyota Prius

Electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 are phenomenal. They are super fast, require no gasoline, or really much maintenance. They make hybrid cars, like the Toyota Prius, look like a 1929 Model T in comparison. So, when it comes to "fueling" an electric vehicle what are the actual costs associated with charging a Tesla. I asked Chris, The Solar Guy, who owns Solgen Power to tell me what he knows about charging his Tesla Model 3.
2012 Prius Plug In Teal Color Side View

What Is Top Tier Gasoline In And Why You Should Only Use It In Your Toyota Prius

When it comes to gasoline options, there are many. What many consumers just do not know is why using top tier fuel is actually better for their car in the long run even if it costs a few cents more per gallon. Here are the facts about using the best quality fuel in your Toyota Prius.