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Tesla Giga Shanghai

Elon Musk Receives Blessing of 75% of Tesla Investors to Keep His Seat on Tesla’s Board of Directors

Tesla recently held the company's annual shareholders meeting. One of the issues up for investors' votes was whether Elon Musk will keep his seat on Tesla's board of directors. And today, according to Tesla's 8K filing with the SEC, Elon Musk will keep his seat on Tesla's board of directors after receiving support from 75% of Tesla investors.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y With BYD Blade Battery Demonstrates Rapid Charging Despite Small Battery Pack Size

Tesla has started deliveries of a new Model Y variant in Germany with batteries supplied by BYD. The new Model Y, despite sporting the smallest battery pack size of all Model Y variants, is nonetheless showing impressive charging speed thanks to the BYD Blade batteries' ability to maintain peak charging speeds for the majority of the charging curve.
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Shows Off Production Beta Cybertruck Winter Testing as Vehicle Nears First Delivery

In the past few weeks, Tesla has been sharing several updates regarding the Cybertruck adding to the already fever pitch expectation for the all-electric truck. And today, dropping yet another tidbit, Tesla has shared a picture of a Cybertruck prototype undergoing testing in the snow at its Alaska winter testing ground.