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2022 Tesla Cybertruck lights on

Tesla CyberTruck Gets Called Out By GMC Hummer EV and Lebron James, Shares Soar 20%

The elusive and fantasy like Tesla truck known as the CyberTruck made its debut late 2019. It has since offered quite an uproar to the general public not only about how weird it is but all its futuristic features. During the Super Bowl 54, GMC released teaser commercials for the Hummer EV, a worthy competitor. Tesla shares soar day after.
2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost HPP

Four-Cylinder Mustangs Have Plenty of Muscle

Ecoboost Mustangs are part of the pony car’s future and should be embraced by all enthusiasts. Four-cylinder technology has created significantly more power than previous generation’s four-cylinder Mustangs. Don't hold the mistakes of the past against Ford as they try to keep the Mustang viable and affordable to a new generation.
1987 Porsche 944 Turbo

The 944 Will Satisfy Your Porsche Needs, Don't Break The Bank

In recent years, a resurgence has come about from the depths of car owners’ nostalgia, stemming from a love for the analog sports car experience. You can blame that for why you see every 85’ guards red 911 Porsche Carrera for sale on bring-a-trailer for 85,000 big ones. Not to discredit the purity and timeless lines of a G series 911, however, it does depress the kids that grew up in the 70s and 80s who see their poster child drifting further out of range every year.
Rear View Of Rivian R1S

Ford-Rivian Linkage To Result In New Electric Lincoln SUV Based On Rivian Platform

Ford and Rivian announced this week that they are working on a new electric luxury SUV for Lincoln. The new SUV is the result of commitments made by Ford and Rivian when Ford invested $500 million in the promising electric vehicle startup. It was a testament to Ford's viewing Rivian as the real deal.