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Toyota Sienna AWD image by John Goreham

Here’s How Pro Testers Know If A Vehicle Is Good In Winter Ice and Snow

You have seen reviews of vehicles in winter conditions, and you may have heard of the New England Motor Press Association’s Winter Vehicle Awards. Here’s how the men and women who do that testing determine if your favorite truck, car, crossover, or SUV is “good in the snow.”

Women's Car Of The Year Picks Winners; Ford F-150 Named Best Pickup

Every year various groups of auto writers put their thinking caps on and then they go off and commune with the automotive gods to find out the "best cars of the year." Most of the jurors on these panels are men with a scattering of women. There is one "Car of the Year" award that defies this setup. It is the Women's Car of the Year Award crew. It is an entirely woman show.
2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Prediction: The End Of The Gasoline Engine Is Not As Close As You Think

As rumors swirl of major automakers shifting gears from internal combustion technology to electrification, many consumers seem frustrated and voice concern about the uncertain future of the car and truck. Truck owners especially can be counted in the skeptical category when it comes to electric vehicles, despite some biased surveys.
Chevy Bolt charging image by John Goreham

Prediction: EPA Will Switch to a 3-Number Electric Vehicle Range Figure To Address Cold-Weather Reduction

The EPA’s electric vehicle range estimates seem overly optimistic in winter. Here is why we foresee the EPA making a switch to a three-number EV range format and why it would resolve the debate over real-world EV range for good.
2021 Ford Raptor in design studio in clay

How Ford Truck Designers Took The Best Attributes Of Previous F-150 Raptors To Get The 2021 Ford Raptor Design Just Right

2021 F-150 Raptor now appears lighter and more nimble, looking as if it could fly across open desert, according to Ford truck designer. We sit down with Ehab Kaoud, chief designer of the Raptor, to talk about what it was like working on the third-generation Raptor.
Ford Adds Explorer With A Great Name

Ford Adds To Explorer Line With King Ranch Option For Country's Best-Selling SuV

Ford has given a boost to the Explorer lineup with the addition of a King Ranch Package. The King Ranch Package has been a stand out for the F-150 line where it has stood for quality, workmanship, workability, and it has stood out in those roles and more since Ford and the fabled ranch joined forces over the original King Ranch F-150 20 years ago.