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2021 Ford Escape Hybrid Recall Photo Courtesy Ford Motor Co.

Ford Recalls Escape Hybrid To Replace High-Voltage Battery System

Although it is a tiny recall, the Ford recall of its Escape Hybrid for an issue with the high-voltage system is important for two reasons. One is that the automaker issues recalls when other carmakers tend to wait and wait. The second reason is that it shows that electrics and hybrids are important to Ford's future and that issues have to be dealt with quickly.
New 2023 Kia Niro

Next Generation Kia Niro Impresses at The Seoul Mobility Show: EV, PHEV and Self-Charging Hybrid

Kia revealed unobscured images and more information about its next generation Kia Niro at the November 25th Seoul Mobility Show. Kia confirmed that again all three powertrain options will be offered the same as they are in the current 2022 model, for 2023: full electric, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and “self-charging” hybrid i.e. regular or non plug-in hybrid powertrains.
Elon Musk emails Tesla employees about quarterly deliveries

Tesla To Change Quarterly Delivery Strategy

With a recent leaked email from Elon Musk, we see that Tesla is going to be changing up its quarterly delivery strategy. In the past, Tesla would rush to get deliveries done at the end of the quarter. This is no longer going to be the case and instead, Elon Musk wants Tesla employees to reduce costs of deliveries and take the most efficient action.
Tesla Rejects Funding For Giga Berlin From Eu

Tesla Fed Up With EU for Giga Berlin, Rejects $1.5 Billion in EU Funding

Tesla has rejected around $1.5 billion dollars worth of funding from the EU for Giga Berlin. This is just a few weeks of operating cash flow for Tesla, and with all the frustration Tesla has had getting Giga Berlin up and running with EU red tape, this is a smart move by Tesla.
EF-1-T looks like the Tesla Cybertruck

Cybertruck's Clone: China's EF-1-T Bears a Striking Resemblance to Tesla Cybertruck

The Chinese electric car start-up Edison Future has two new electric vehicles presented, including an electric pickup EF-1-T, which resembles the Tesla Cybertruck. EF-1T's similarity to Tesla's Cybertruck is striking - including solar cells. Yet, the vehicle has its own character and in my opinion, looks beautiful.