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Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk Says The Cybertruck Will Be Easier To Maneuver Than Tesla Model Y Replying To 4-Wheel Steering Video

The Cybertruck has seen several improvements since it was unveiled back in 2019. One of those improvements targeted at the truck's practicality and maneuverability is 4-wheel steering. And today, in response to a new video of a preproduction beta Cybertruck showing off its agility in Californian streets, Elon Musk has suggested that the Cybertruck will be easier to maneuver than the Model Y.
Tesla Model S & X

Tesla Begins Refreshed Model S/X Deliveries In China With Thousands Of Vehicles Arriving At The Port

It has been more than two years since Tesla last delivered the Model S and X to China. This has undoubtedly disappointed a lot of prospective buyers, however, the wait is finally over as a ship has unloaded thousands of refreshed Model S & X vehicles in mainland China.
Tesla Model S interior

Tesla Offers 10,000 Free Supercharging Miles With Model S/X In Yet Another Attempt To Generate Demand

In recent times, Tesla has been massively increasing vehicle production and in order to keep demand in line with the added capacity, the EV maker has been cutting vehicle prices and offering incentives to entice new buyers. And today, Tesla has added a new incentive for Model S & X buyers in the form of 10,000 free supercharging miles.
Tesla FSD Beta

Tesla Expands FSD Beta V11.3 Release To Wide Public Following Bug Fixes

Last week Tesla released FSD Beta v11.3 to Tesla owners in the company's Early Access program. This is the last major FSD update and has brought vector spaces and the use of all 8 cameras to highway driving. In addition, V11 also replaced manually written codes with neural nets for highway driving. And today, after bug fixes Tesla has released FSD Beta v11.3.3 to the wider public.
Tesla Giga Berlin

Tesla Giga Berlin Reaches Annualized Production Rate Of 250,000 Model Y's In Less Than A Year

Tesla officially inaugurated Giga Berlin only 11 months ago. However, today, the EV maker has announced that the plant has reached a Model Y production rate of 5000 vehicles a week. This gives Giga Berlin an annualized production rate of 250,000 vehicles per year.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Tesla Bull Cathie Wood Sells 139,000 TSLA Shares Despite Her $1500 Price Target

Cathie Wood and her firm ARK Invest are famous for their optimistic Tesla prediction. According to the firm's latest analysis, ARK has a $1,500 price target for the EV maker's shares. However, despite the bullish call, ARK has offloaded a notable proportion of the firm's Tesla holdings from two of its funds.