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Cathie Wood of Ark Invest siates Tesla's switch from radar to vision for autonomy improvement

Cathie Wood Goes On CNBC Making a New Prediction on When Tesla Will Go Fully Autonomous

Cathie Wood was interviewed on CNBC about the future of Tesla’s autonomous driving features. Wood stated that Tesla should make some huge advancements in autonomy over the next two years. Wood also addresses the safety concerns some have with autonomous vehicles.
BHP and Toyota have teamed up to create a battery-powered, off-road capable light truck.

Toyota's 4x4 Land Cruiser is On a EV Horizon

Toyota is planning to bring the stunning performance of electric vehicles to their already impressive Off-Roader, the 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser! Thanks to an ongoing trial in Australia, a battery powered Electric Land Cruiser may soon be in the grasp of consumer drivers as this trial will rocket Toyota's EV Program even further into the future.
Mustangs are the Pony car, and Ford is bringing them into the future of electrification.

The Mustang Lithium: A One Off EV With A Secret

Ford Mustangs have been at the heart of American Motorsports for almost 60 years, with its big 6-0 coming in just 3 short years (as it was technically released as a 65 model year in 1964 at that year’s World’s Fair). In 2023, we’re expected to see the release of the first production Electric Mustangs, but in 2019, a company named Webasto helped Ford bring a Mustang to SEMA with around 900 horsepower of pure electric excitement.
Several views of the BMW i8, a hybrid sportscar.

The BMW i8: Eight Years Of Turning Heads

The BMW i8 has sleek lines and aggressive styling cues that scream expensive taste. The sports hybrid has been turning heads since 2013 and is almost everything that I want from an electric vehicle. It’s sleek, it’s sporty, it’s got enough batteries to do quick jaunts around town but still has a gas powerplant that allows for more flexibility. This amazing piece of European Engineering sings its alluring siren song, and I am caught in her trance.