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Tesla Model S Plaid Takes On Pikes Peak

Tesla Plaid Music Video, Tesla Problem on Pikes Peak, and Yokohama Racing Slicks

Here’s a Tesla Plaid put to music as it races up Pikes Peak in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race, plus commentary by race car driver Randy Pobst on problems he is experiencing with the Tesla Plaid and how he feels the Yokohama racing slicks he is using are performing.
Tesla Model S Plaid Takes On Pikes Peak

A Passenger Seat View of How Fast a Tesla Model S Plaid Hits Pikes Peak Curves

Ever wonder what it would look like from the passenger seat of a souped-up Tesla Model S Plaid hitting those crazy curves on Pikes Peak? Well, here’s your chance to see some Tesla history in the making as we watch Randy Pobst in a qualifying run through the upper section of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on the first day of Practice/Qualifying rounds.
Ford video raises hot car death awareness

Ford Rear Occupant Alert Video Highlights Summer Dangers for Children and Pets

Hot car deaths of children and pets occur at alarming numbers: an average of 39 child deaths in hot cars each year, along with thousands of animals that either die or suffer from heat exposure inside locked vehicles. To help raise awareness of the problem, Ford offers a recent video demonstrating how quickly a life-sized child and pet ice sculpture melts when place in a locked car when outdoor summer temps are 95 degrees Fahrenheit.