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Ford video raises hot car death awareness

Ford Rear Occupant Alert Video Highlights Summer Dangers for Children and Pets

Hot car deaths of children and pets occur at alarming numbers: an average of 39 child deaths in hot cars each year, along with thousands of animals that either die or suffer from heat exposure inside locked vehicles. To help raise awareness of the problem, Ford offers a recent video demonstrating how quickly a life-sized child and pet ice sculpture melts when place in a locked car when outdoor summer temps are 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Is the Yoke steering wheel going to be the next big thing?

In A World Prototypes, Is A Concept Enough? Is Toyota's bZ4X Its Future?

Toyota, like any car maker, is subject to the whims of the market as much as any other manufacturer. While Toyota’s president Aiko Toyoda seems to be pushing more for his pet project, Gazoo Racing to guide the company forward, the bZ4X has been revealed as a concept. Not a prototype, like the Cybertruck, or F-150 Lightning. Is it too little, too late?
No radar neural net for Tesla

Tesla Director of Artificial Intelligence Adrej Karpathy Explains Neural Net Development in FSD

Wondering what Tesla engineers have been up to lately toward improving Tesla Autopilot and FSD? Here’s a must-see Zoom presentation where Tesla’s Director of Artificial Intelligence, Adrej Karpathy, reveals the work that is going on behind the scenes as we wait for out next FSD update.
FSD in Europe

FSD Sensor System Installed on Ford Mondeo Tested at Two Levels Above Tesla FSD

Here’s the latest about a live multi-city trial of one type of autonomy FSD software that is being outfitted on Ford Mondeos to operate across a five-mile area in varied traffic and weather conditions that is rated two levels above Tesla’s current FSD categorization.
Image of RAV4 Hybrid courtesy of Toyota

Study: 2025 BEVs have Highest Cost of Ownership Hybrids Lowest Among Vehicle Types

A new study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and Argonne National Labs predicts that hybrids are the least expensive crossover vehicles to own, battery-electric the most expensive for the model year 2025. Here are some interesting findings from the study.