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Non Tesla, Tesla repair shop saves Tesla owners big bucks for repairs

This Garage Could Save You Thousands of Dollars When Things Go Wrong With Your Tesla

Is your Tesla warranty near its end? Then you just may want to see this video to discover what some see as a Tesla disservice service to its customers when it comes to repairs on your Tesla. This video is a wild ride to watch, but important as we learn how thousands of dollars in Tesla repair costs were saved by an actual Tesla owner.
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla To Deliver Cybertruck Without Side-View Mirrors Suggests $436M Samsung Camera Supply Deal

A report out of Korea states Tesla has signed a $436 million deal with Samsung for the latter to supply cameras to be used on EVs. The report also suggests the cameras will be used on the Cybertruck and that the vehicle will not have side-view mirrors.

How Mach-E Suspension & High Voltage Wiring Compares to Tesla

The differences between the Ford Mach-E and its Tesla competitor is not so much about performance; rather, it could be described as being “Tesla-Style” vs “Ford-Style” where the devil is in the details when it comes to engineering. In this must-see video, Sandy Munro brings in Cory Steuben who explains the front and rear suspension systems including the high voltage wiring in this breakdown comparison between Ford and Tesla.

Consumer Reports Used Car Fixes: DIY Fix for a Dented Bumper

Whether you are selling a used car, buying a used car, or keeping your car for as long as possible, an unsightly dent in the bumper or on the side of a vehicle affects its value and your bargaining power. Here’s the latest money saving tip from Consumer Reports on a simple DIY fix for a dented bumper you can do yourself with some simple tools.