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Used car values differ depending on where you shop.

Consumer Reports on How to Assess a Used Vehicle’s True Value

Assessing a used vehicle’s true value is more than just taking a look into Kelley Blue Book value listings---it’s also partly about understanding where the vehicle is being sold and what this means to you. Here’s a summary of the latest Consumer Reports recommendation about what you need to know about where a used car is being sold from, while comparison shopping for a used car.
Car Safety Systems Becoming Standard in Some Models

Consumer Reports Car Analysts Recommend These Compact SUVs Stocked With Popular Standard Safety Features

Looking for a compact SUV, but really want the active safety systems typically offered only in higher-end models? Here’s Consumer Reports analysts latest recommended selections of compact SUVs that can help you find the level of safety in the affordable ride you are looking for in a car deal today.
Even the simplest measure can deter car theft

Consumer Reports Recommended Anti-Theft Protection for Your Car, Plus a Toyota Tundra Crazy Theft Story and How It Happened

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) the number of car thefts increased by 9.2 percent per their most current statistical analysis. To help car owners prevent becoming part of this growing statistic, here is a summary of some helpful tips from Consumer Reports on car theft prevention, plus a Toyota Tundra crazy theft story from our favorite Toyota Maintenance mechanic.