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Elon Musk Trojan Horse

Tesla Can Use Trojan Horse to Take Advantage of Tax Credit

The most recent update on the U.S. Electric Vehicle tax credit bill is that it will only apply to electric vehicles costing $40,000 or less and for people with an income less than $100,000. Tesla won't qualify for this in most cases, but they can do something smart in order to qualify most of their vehicles for a tax credit.
2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition

2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition supercar pays homage to the 1964 Ford GT

Ford GT Heritage Edition is a modern interpretation of the original, combining classic Ford Performance features such as Wimbledon White paint and a triple racing stripe with contemporary touches including exposed carbon fiber behind Antimatter Blue-painted carbon fiber wheels and Lightspeed Blue Alcantara suede seats. Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition debuts at Monterey Car Week alongside the sole surviving 1964 Ford GT prototype.
Joke eyeglasses trick driver assist safety feature

Driver Assist Safety Can Be Fooled Not Just in Tesla, But in Ford Vehicles and Many Others Too

A new video shows that just like Tesla, Ford and many other vehicles equipped with driver assist features can be tricked into unsafe driving conditions. According to Car and Driver magazine, “..this is not just a Tesla problem, but one that affects the entire industry. Automakers should close these loopholes to head-off future idiocy.”
Consumer Reports lists new flat tire inflaters for car owners

A Top Rated and Bargain Brand Cordless Portable Tire Pump Choice for Your Car

Here’s the latest on both a top rated high-end and a bargain brand cordless tire pump review that alerts consumers to the fact that they no longer are limited to yesteryear’s anemic handheld tire inflators. As an added plus, included are two videos demonstrating these Consumer Reports recommended models in action.
Traffic Flows On An Interstate As Speeing Rises

Speeding Continues To Plague Interstates As Travel Season Begins Wind-Down

It has been a long and frustrating travel season for authorities as drivers keep speeding. It's not so much that they are traveling fast, it is that they are driving at high speeds that are seldom seen outside of race tracks. One driver clocked 159 mph in a record run across of the country and averaged 108 for his 25-hour trip.