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Popular Compact Cars That are Winners and Losers According to Consumer Reports Automotive Experts

Here’s the latest for car buyers looking to buy a small sedan or hatchback with this recommendation to avoid two losers; and instead, choose these recommended better choice compacts or their under-the-radar alternatives you may not be aware about.
Spark plug connector grease is often applied wrong.

Spark Plug Car Maintenance Mistakes Many Car Owners and Service Centers Make

Have you ever had new spark plugs installed by a service center or perhaps even did it yourself, only to discover something was not quite right with how your engine ran afterward? Here’s a Toyota Maintenance warning concerning your spark plugs that many people make.
Ford Bronco Riptide Concept

Ford Bronco Riptide Showcases West-Coast Surfing Lifestyle

Bronco Riptide vehicle highlights factory accessories for coastal lifestyle, featuring surfing accessories and personalization options. Ford reimagined a Sasquatch Package and aimed it at a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle. Showcases true customization available for Bronco brand and Built Wild modular design.
2022 Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Maverick’s $21,490 Base Price Is Less Than Original Ford Model T When Inflation Is Taken Into Account

Original Ford Model T had starting price of $850 which translates to more than $25,000 in today’s dollars when you consider inflation. Could Ford Maverick be as revolutionary for Blue Oval as the Model T was with its price?
Will we see a production level Cybertruck? Some businesses depend on it.

Consumer Reports Expresses Doubts About Tesla Cybertruck While Some Businesses Are Counting On It

Will the Tesla Cybertruck really become a production-level EV or is it a prototype prank as recently questioned by Consumer Reports in spite of recent news that one business has already taken preorders totaling over $80 million for this single Tesla accessory.