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2022 electric Ford F-150

All-Electric Ford F-150 Could Have Range to Rival Tesla Cybertruck Thanks To Patented Technology

A patent filed by Ford shows that a generator can extend the range of the all-electric Ford F-150. Toolbox-sized generator could be range extender. Ford proclaims the 2022 electric F-150 will be the most powerful truck they’ve ever built.
Ford F-150 Is An Example Of A Vehicle Impacted By Exclusivity

If You Drive Ford F-150 Or Another Truck, Remember That Vehicle Hacking Claims Overblown

Every so often a state will argue over a vehicle's data. Data on vehicles like the Ford F-150 is valuable and big business to dealers as it potentially helps them generate millions in backshop revenue. The problem is that there's another whole community of shops that also needs the data. Massachusetts is arguing over this, right now, as have other states in the past.
Toyota RAV4 Prime Image By John Goreham

Toyota Delivered More RAV4 Primes In First 9 Weeks Than Tesla Did Model 3, X, or S

Much has been said about the Toyota RAV4 Prime's delivery rate. Almost all of it negative. Shoppers are lining up to buy the crossover at MSRP or above. Here's the reality of how quickly the RAV4 Prime came to market compared to other successful electric vehicles.