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One reason behind Toyota's oil burning problem.

Why Toyotas Burn So Much Oil and What You Can Do About It

Here’s a great discussion on exactly the reasons why modern Toyotas are so prone to becoming oil burning vehicles in spite of hearing numerous stories of 200,000+ mile Toyotas on the road. Is there a disconnect between these two facts? Find out the reasons why this happens before you decide to buy that used Toyota.
Batteries Electric Cars

Elon Musk - Batteries Are the Most Important Resource for Electric Cars

Elon Musk just stated on Twitter that batteries are just as important for future transportation as oil is for current transport. This is a profound statement and what must be realized is that the battery is the most expensive component to an electric car. And that cost is going to decline over time as the technology improves.
FSD Tesla

Elon Musk Just Explained How To Do Bug Report in Tesla

“You should be able to press mic button & say “bug report,” Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday, in response to users reporting issues with the FSD – Full Self Driving (Auto Pilot): in some cases it was about collision warnings on hilly roads (when there was actually no car in front of the driver) and in some other cases getting a ding for hard braking against the driver, when it was actually the AP (Auto Pilot) that hit the brakes.
Man ETGM Electric Truck

New MAN Long-Range Electric Trucks Could Be Perfect For Short-Range Light Freight In the US

Replacing diesel-powered trucks with electric trucks for short-range freight in the US alone could significantly cut carbon emissions and dramatically increase profitability for freight companies. German MAN works on such a truck, and it plans to release it in 2024. But only for Europe.
Battery Recycling - Billion Dollar Business - Ford - Redwood Materials

Battery Recycling Could Be a Billion Dollar Business, and Ford Knows It

During 2020s, the world will face a massive problem with the disposal of EV car batteries. As reports, one million electric vehicles could „comprise around 250,000 tonnes and half a million cubic meters “ of waste when these vehicles reach the end of their exploitation cycle.
Model Y Headlight

Tesla To Have The Best Headlights on The Market

Your headlights are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features: their brightness can be the difference between a clear view of the road ahead at night and the ability to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and obstacles and react in time to avoid them, and avoid being involved in an unfortunate collision because you weren’t able to see in the darkness. Tesla is updating the entire Model S, 3, X, and Y lineup with exterior and interior tweaks, as part of its overall update-refresh.
Head Gasket Tutorial for Non-mechanics

Avoid Getting Scammed With This Blown Head Gasket Tutorial for Non-Mechanics

Here’s an informative head gasket tutorial video for non-mechanics that will explain “…what a head gasket is, what it does, symptoms of a blown head gasket leak, what a valve cover gasket is, what it does, and what questions to ask when you are told you have a blown head gasket…” so that you can avoid a common and expensive scam.
Driving safe under FSD can be done.

Honest Safe Driving Tips With Tesla’s FSD Beta That Could Change Everything

Here is a must-watch video by a Tesla owner demonstrating Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.01 with the most sensible---if not most honest---commentary on what it takes to drive with FSD Beta safely and how it compares to earlier versions of FSD. This video is highly recommended due to it appears to be one of the most honest Tesla-owner driving experiences on video that should help non-Tesla owners understand the limitations of FSD better, and what it takes for current Tesla owners to drive safely under FSD.