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Tesla Insurance

Insurance, FSD Licensing, Solar Roof: 3 Interesting Outcomes of the 2021 Tesla Shareholder Meeting

There were many very important things mentioned by Elon Musk last night at the Tesla Shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas. Among them, I would like to point out to three of the things that particularly called my attention, taking into account their potential impact and the benefits that they would bring to customers and users in general.
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Way Ahead of Premium Auto Brands in USA in Q3 2021

As per the latest information available at the time of writing this article, Tesla was the number 1 premium auto brand in the U.S. in Q3 2021, even though it only had 3 models available (3, Y, S): Tesla sold 99,000 units, Japanese brand Lexus sold 81,000 units, German automaker BMW sold 76,000 units, and Mercedes Benz and Audi sold 71,000 and 41,000 units, respectively.
When bad things happen to loaner cars

Bad Customer Car Dealership Stories From The Inside

Have you ever been loaned a car from a dealership while your vehicle was being worked on by the Service Department? Did you treat the loaner like you do your own personal vehicle? Maybe that’s the problem. Here are some true loaner stories from a dealership that illustrates those times when it’s the customer who is being bad.

Tesla Hits Again: Megapack to Supply Batteries for Large-Scale North Queensland Project, Australia

Australia’s Genex Power Ltd (ASX:GNX) has ordered Tesla Megapack batteries for its 50-MW/100-MWh Bouldercombe energy storage system in North Queensland. A total of 40 Tesla Megapacks will be delivered to Tesla under this contract. This engine will create an energy storage system (BESS) with a capacity of 50 MW (power), 100 MWh (energy). It will be fully operational in the first half of 2023.
Model X

Tesla Model X, the Best Luxury SUV on the Market

Since its entry into the market with its Roadster, back in 2008, Tesla has always been seen as a very different car brand, well ahead of other automakers, in every way. Not only in the electric variant as such, but also in its engines, design, innovative concepts, state-of-the-art technology, avant-garde lines, and amazing powertrains.