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Giga Shanghai

Tesla Giga Shanghai Achieves Amazing Production Numbers, Aiming at 600K+ a Year

Tesla MIC ("Made In China") has just achieved amazing production numbers. It basically produced 25,864 Model Y units and 24,394 Model 3 units, totaling 50,258 cars in September 2021. That would basically mean more than 600K cars/year coming out of Giga Shanghai alone, another outstanding achievement for Tesla.
Snow Tires With The Most Tested Grip

Consumer Reports Test Results Show That These Winter/Snow Tires Have The Best Grip

Here’s the latest from Consumer Reports on what they found from extensive testing the best winter/snow tires that you can buy in 2021 that have the most grip for improved stopping distance and reliability under a wide range of winter driving conditions.
Tesla Hertz Deal for 100,000 Model 3 Vehicles

Hertz Buying Vehicles From Tesla Is Much Bigger Than You Think

There was a deal announced today between Tesla and Hertz. Hertz is buying 100,000 Model 3 vehicles from Tesla. This is a genius move from Hertz, which recently went bankrupt. I believe this is the first deal of many between rental car companies and Tesla and is the beginning of the robotaxi network.
Used Cars on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to Avoid

Car Mechanic Warning About The 6 Worst Used SUVs to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

A mechanic with 20+ years of experience offers this warning about why you should---in his words---“… Never, Ever Buy…” these 6 used SUV models that he warns are the worst overall; and, are often found listed online at Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist---just for that reason.
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 to Rule the Rental Car Fleet Market After Huge Deal With Hertz

Tesla secured a huge deal with rental car company Hertz: an order for 100 thousand units, a deal that is the single largest order ever for electric vehicles, worth $4.2 billion in revenue to Tesla that, by the way, would drive it straight to the $1 Trillion club. Once again, Tesla disrupting yet another market niche.
Tesla FSD Beta

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Is Rolling Back FSD Beta 10.3 Due To Vehicles Reversing Mid Left Turn

Tesla has decided to roll back FSD Beta 10.3 software just hours after the EV maker rolled out the software. Elon Musk says the rollback was instituted after Tesla internal quality assurance team discovered an issue where the vehicle will drive back in the middle of making a left turn.
Giga Factory

Future Tesla Giga Factory in India as Possible Solution for Import Duties Impasse

Elon Musk is set to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss import duty reductions. According to many different sources, Tesla is once again urging Indian government officials to consider a rollback on import duties, which has prevented Tesla from selling imported vehicles in the country.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Increases Model S, 3, X, Y Prices Once Again, This Time By As Much As $5000

Despite setting record delivery numbers, Tesla seems to be struggling to meet the exploding demand for its vehicles. For the second time this month, Tesla has once again instituted a wide-ranging price increase on its vehicles. The price increase affects the Model S, 3, X, & Y.