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Sometimes You Need Specialized Tools to Work on a Car

Some Cars Require Specialized Tools for DIY Projects

Are specialized tools really needed for DIY car repair and maintenance projects? Or can you get by with just a toolbox of general automotive tools? Here’s one example demonstrating why if you are a DIY type, you just might want to consult a repair manual to see what it takes to perform repairs before buying a new or used vehicle you are not familiar with.

JerryRigEverything Showcases How Tesla’s Wireless Charger Was Able To Achieve What Apple Couldn’t

Popular YouTuber Zack from JerryRigEverything has released a new teardown video of Tesla's latest wireless charger. In his video, Zack showcases all the technologies that allowed Tesla's wireless charger to achieve a feat that Apple had called impossible and given up on.
Tesla Van, Bus, Semi Light

Tesla Teases 3 New Vehicles, A Bus, Passenger Van, And ‘Semi Light’ In A New White Paper For Master Plan Part 3

For some time now, we have known that Tesla is working on a smaller compact vehicle. However, today as part of the white paper release for Master Plan Part 3, Tesla has revealed it's also working on 3 new vehicles. These include a commercial/passenger van, a bus, and a short-range heavy truck (Semi Light).
Tesla FSD Beta v11

Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Using Simulations For Serious Accidents Despite 1M Miles Of FSD Per Day

Tesla's biggest advantage in the race to level 5 autonomy is the hundreds of thousands of Tesla vehicles out on the road collecting real-world data. However, now Elon Musk says Tesla's autopilot has gotten so good that the EV maker has to rely on simulation to train its AI on serious accidents. Musk also added that this is the case despite FSD Beta driving 1 million miles per day.