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Will Ceramic Coating Damage Your Car?

Ceramic Coating for Car Paint Protection Questioned and Answered by Car Experts

Is ceramic coating actually harmful to your car’s paint? Is this just another easy car fix scam? Is washing and waxing to protect your car an out-dated maintenance chore? Can you apply ceramic coating over paint protective film? This and more about what some experts have to say about using ceramic coating products on your car.
2022 BMW M440i Coupe

2022 BMW M440i Coupe: Performance with Mild Hybrid Technology

In the new edition of BMW's 4 Series, the Coupe not only looks different, it has also received a lot in terms of driving technology that distinguishes it from the 3 Series. Torque News test drove the 2022 BMW M440i Coupe and in this review will focus on its design, mild-hybrid technology allowing great mileage for a sports car, and driving qualities.
Cars Listed With Driver Assist Features

Consumer Reports Analysts on Non-Tesla Self Driving Featured Car Models Available Today

Here’s the latest from Consumer Reports analysts who explain Active Driver Assist Systems with Level 2 automation features in new car models, to help you understand some of the differences between similar features that can be confusing for many shoppers.
Ford Bronco DR Is Ready To Run The Baja 1000

Limited Edition Bronco DR (Desert Racer) Sets Up Competition Level SUV For Lucky Buyers

If you remember last year's rendition of the Baja 1000, there was a specially designed Ford Bronco running in it. Very retro, the Bronco R did well in the race -- unlike the year before when breakdowns hindered it. Now, Ford is offering a limited-edition model to those who can afford the $200,000 price tag. The Bronco DR (Desert Racer) is ready to step up to the starting line and run with the big dogs.
Ford Explorer Fix Owners Can Do Themselves

Easy Ford Explorer Electrical Problem Fix That Will Save You Thousands

Having a problem with your Ford Explorer with intermittant operation of any type? The chances are good what seems like a mechanical problem is actually an electrical issue. Here’s an easy fix that saved one customer $2400 in repairs all because the first step in most repairs is often skipped by garages that immediately go to the big ticket repair estimates.