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Legitimate car rental businesses scam customers with hidden charges and terms.

How Car Rental Companies Scam People Out of Money

Here’s an important warning about rental car scams from real businesses that rent cars for a living and how they manage to scam you with their hidden costs. And not just your typical airport rental services, but luxury and exotic vehicle rentals as well that can put you in serious debt. Read on, watch the video and learn how to protect yourself the next time you rent a car.
Cars and SUVs that physically fit all sorts of owners.

Best Cars and SUVs Size Rated for Short and Tall People is a Health Issue

Car are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all---especially if you are shorter or taller than average. To make choosing a car that is a good fit for your body easier, analysts at Consumer Reports have recently size-rated the best cars and SUVs to help keep you be comfortable and safe the next time you buy a car. Plus, why choosing the wrong vehicle for your body type can be a serious health issue.
Tesla FSD Beta

Elon Musk Clarifies Current FSD Is ‘Not Great' Comment Saying It’s Amazing Just Not By Tesla’s Standards

Elon Musk clarifies his earlier comments suggesting current FSD Beta is "not great". And says compared to any of the competition, the current FSD Beta is still amazing, it just falls short by Tesla's lofty standards.

User Interface Upgrades May Only Go So Far On Older Tesla Models

The news broke earlier that Tesla is working with a video game engineer in order to help upgrade the user interfaces on its older cars. This is a great development, but these upgrades can have their limits. Luckily, Tesla vehicles have always had a large screen in the middle which could make upgrading an older car’s software easier.
Many flood damaged cars wind up in the used car market.

How To Spot A Used Car Being Flipped After a Hurricane

With the hurricane season approaching, we can likely expect to see a surge in used cars that have been swamped in storm water and then flipped after the flood for resale. Here’s some good advice from Consumer Reports automotive experts who explain what you need to look for in order to spot a used car carrying hidden problems from flood damage.
Tesla’s Installed Production Capacity Reaches 1.3 Million Vehicles A Year Based On New Giga Shanghai Milestone

Tesla’s Installed Production Capacity Reaches 1.3 Million Vehicles A Year Based On New Giga Shanghai Milestone

According to reports coming out of China, Tesla's Model Y Production at Giga Shanghai has reached over 1000 vehicles a day. Added all together, this gives Tesla a run rate of over 1.3 million vehicles a year.