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Elon Musk is Still Selling Tesla Stock

Tesla Stock Will Stay Under Pressure Until Elon Musk Is Done Selling

We have a flood of new Form 4 documents for Tesla for Elon Musk selling shares of Tesla. In total, there are about 12 forms filed and to date, Elon Musk has sold 6.4 million shares of Tesla stock for $6.9 billion (avg price $1,086). He is 37% complete in order to sell 10% of his stock per his Twitter pull. This is putting some downward pressure on the stock.
Image showing the Lucid Air's Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel screens.

The Lucid Air's Control Systems Are Beautiful And Simple To Use

It's all well and good to build an EV with a mammoth 520-mile range, but if it's a pain to use then customers are going to stray. No such problem exists for Lucid, it would appear, as the systems that let drivers and passengers interact with the Air have been designed to combine familiarity and cutting-edge technology. Plus it's got buttons.
Purdue Researchers Work On Quick-Charge Cable -- Photo Courtesy Purdue University and Ford Motor Co.

Ford, Purdue Have High Hopes For Self-Cooling Quick-Charge Cable

Thanks to the work that Ford Motor Co. and Purdue University researchers are doing right now it is quite possible that within a couple of years, owners of electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit van, or the F-150 Lightning pickup will be able to quick- charge their vehicles without the need for huge cables.
Elon Musk Sale of Tesla Stock With Form 4

Breaking: Tesla Files Form 4 for Elon Musk's Sale of Stock Options

We've just received news of Elon Musk's sale of his stock options and Tesla filing a Form 4 to show the sales of the shares. I believe there is more to come tomorrow and we'll see the big numbers from the sale of more of his stock options. It appears that the Form 4 filing on 11/8 was just for tax purposes for Elon exercising his stock options.
When OK Used Cars Are Not Okay

Car Lawyer Explains Myths, Scams, and Risks of Buying a Used Car

Not convinced that you have to have ALL used cars inspected before buying one whether it’s from a well-know local dealership or some guy down the street? Here is sound advice about what happens during used car scams and why you might have no recourse other than chalking the scam up to experience after falling for one.