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Checking brake pad wear is something many car owners can do.

Common Brake Repair Scam in Major Name Tire Centers

Here’s a common brake repair scam that everyone who has ever owned a car long enough to need a tire change can probably attest to having been approached with at least one time or another. Watch this must-see video of a popular Toyota Maintenance YouTube channel where the mechanic shows and tells what goes on in many major name tire centers.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk: One of the Most Valuable Things In the History of Civilization

Tesla had its earnings report for Q2, 2021 yesterday and it crushed expectations. During the earnings call, Elon Musk said something that I think most people probably glossed over. And it was related to autonomous driving and robotaxis. Let's see what this is and what the implications are.
The true value of a car is not on the sticker of a vehicle's window.

New Car MSRP Window Sticker Scam Car Buyers Need to Understand

Looking at buying a new car and want to go over the MSRP window stickers before talking to a car salesperson? Chances are good that’s just exactly what a predatory salesperson wants you to do. Here’s a car window MSRP sticker scam that car buyers need to understand that could be tricking the unsuspecting buyer regarding the actual value of a new car.
Ford Ion Park

Ford F-150 Lightning Could Have Even More Range Than Expected Now And In The Future

New information indicates range nearing 500 miles for F-150 Lightning, without load. Ford could be on the verge of increasing range of EV F-150 as they announce Ford Ion Park, a new global battery center. Ion Park is Ford’s equivalent to Tesla’s Gigafactory. Range extending-technology at the forefront of innovative Ion Park.
Leased cars have gained unexpected equity today

Consumer Reports Car Experts Recommend When Buying Your Leased Car Is The Right Choice For You

While buying your leased car is usually not very beneficial financially, there are the right times and conditions to do so---according to Consumer Reports car experts. Here’s how some car leasers actually made some significant money back by deciding to buy their leased vehicle after the lease ended due to a specific point in the contract when they first signed their lease.
Tesla Reports Earnings Q2, 2021

Tesla Reports Q2, 2021 Earnings. EPS: $1.02 GAAP; $1.45 NON-GAAP

We have breaking news of Tesla reporting on its Q2, 2021 earnings - beating expectations. GAAP earnings came in at $1.02 and NON-GAAP earnings came in at $1.45, which included a $23 million Bitcoin (one-time) impairment charge. Revenue was at $11.958 Billion -vs- $11.3 Billion expected. Let's dive into Tesla's earnings more.
Model S Plaid 69 Camaro Race

Tesla Model S Plaid Beaten in Race by Modified 69 Camaro

In a match race of the century, we have a recent video of a drag race between a Tesla Model S Plaid and a Chevy 69 Camaro. Clearly the Chevy 69 Camaro has had some modifications done, including using Nitrous, but even so, this is the first time I've seen the Tesla Model S Plaid lose in any kind of race. Let's check in on the action.
Old Tesla battery packs find new life in old vehicles

ICE Owner Converting His 2010 Ford Escape Into an EV Using Old Tesla Battery Packs

Looking for a creative but risky project using old Tesla Battery Packs? Here’s one ICE owner who is showing his project-in-progress discussing the Tesla battery packs he is using to convert his 2010 Ford Escape into a Tesla battery-powered EV. A must-see video as he explains issues that can go terribly wrong with thermal runaway and other dangers with the cell packs as he modifies the modules for use in his future ICE converted to EV wheels.
Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Will Only Offer A Yoke Steering Wheel For Model S & X, Possibly Cybertruck

Elon Musk has ruled out any chance Tesla might offer a conventional steering wheel for the new Model S & X. Musk's confidence in Tesla's yoke future also suggests the Cybertruck might only be offered with a yoke steering wheel.
Used car shopping tips from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Reveals How to Find Hidden Problems in a Used Car Before Buying It

Looking to buy a used car, SUV, or truck? Worried about getting stuck with a lemon and not 100% sure how to protect yourself and your wallet? Here’s the latest advice from Consumer Reports’ mechanics on what you should look for to spot hidden problems in a used car before you commit to buying one.