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2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

Kia Sportage PHEV coming soon, for Europe, TBD for North America

The new Kia Sportage PHEV is coming to North America sometime next year, we might assume, after it goes on sale in Europe in early 2022. Its looks are striking after Kia redesigned it. The new hybrid and non-hybrid versions of the 2023 model should be available in the U.S. in the first-half of 2022, but it will likely be late 2022 at the earliest before we see the 2023 Sportage PHEV in the U.S.
Tesla Recalls Made in China Model Y Vehicles

Tesla Recalls Model Y Vehicles in China - Europe Exports Could be Affected

There is a recent report of Tesla recalling model Y vehicles in China. This isn't just for an over the air software update, but an actual physical problem with the vehicles. Could this mean that Model Y vehicles in the U.S. also need to have a physical recall? We'll answer this and more.
2021 Mercedes AMG GLA45 4MATIC+

2021 Mercedes AMG GLA45 4MATIC+ Review: Power in Concentrated Format

The 2021 Mercedes AMG GLA45 4MATIC+ is a sports car disguised as an SUV. This is why I want to tell you upfront not to be deceived by its typical SUV appearance that many people only use to take their children to school. I stress the school part because this sports SUV is not very smooth in city driving.
Tesla Cyberquad

Breaking: Tesla Begins Selling A Scaled-Down Cyberquad With 150lbs Carrying Capacity & 15 Miles Range

Tesla has introduced a new Cybertruck inspired ATV called the Cyberquad for Kids. The vehicle is produced in partnership with Radio Flyer and is meant for Children. However, the ATV is so impressive and overpowered it can possibly work for smaller adults.
2022 Kia Sorento PHEV driving modes

Testing Plugin Hybrid Drive Modes in 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV

I recently purchased a 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV and I find the Plug-in Hybrid Drive modes puzzling. I previously owned another PHEV, a 2017 Chevrolet Volt, and that may be why; its drive modes operated differently that the Kia’s. I am both embarrassed, because it seems too obvious, and a little frustrated because it also seems more complicated than it should be to get a definitive answer. What does the “Auto” mode really do?
2021 Ford Escape Hybrid Recall Photo Courtesy Ford Motor Co.

Ford Recalls Escape Hybrid To Replace High-Voltage Battery System

Although it is a tiny recall, the Ford recall of its Escape Hybrid for an issue with the high-voltage system is important for two reasons. One is that the automaker issues recalls when other carmakers tend to wait and wait. The second reason is that it shows that electrics and hybrids are important to Ford's future and that issues have to be dealt with quickly.