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The In's and Out's of Car Warranties

Avoid Voiding Your Toyota Warranty with This Important Advice on How Warranties Work and Don’t Work

If you ever replace ANY part on your Toyota with a non-OEM aftermarket part, will it void some or all of your original car warranty protection? This question and more answered by a Toyota Master mechanic who explains what you need to know to avoid voiding your car’s warranty. Plus, common things car owners do that flat-out void their car’s warranty without exception!
Latest Cybertruck Design Spotted at Tesla Fremont

Updated Cybertruck Design Spotted at Tesla Fremont - and a Giant Windshield Wiper

We have breaking news of the latest updated Cybertruck designs spotted at the Fremont factory for Tesla. The photos and the video look great and there is even a giant windshield wiper for the front of the truck. One giant wiper. Here are the changes in the design of the new and updated Tesla Cybertruck.
Dealership CPO Inspection Process

Toyota Dealership Shows What Really Happens When Previously Owned Cars Are Inspected and Certified

Thinking of buying a used car and wondering if it really is worth the extra cost (and risk) of buying a CPO (certified previously owned) vehicle? Here’s a recent video of how a previously owned vehicle should be inspected and certified before being sold to a customer. Plus---red flags on CPO cars you should definitely walk away from.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Tesla Giga Shanghai November Production Numbers Reveal Growth Stabilizing After An Incredible Run

Tesla's Giga Shanghai production numbers are out. And according to China Passenger Car Association, the EV maker produced 52,859 vehicles in November. This is the second month in a row Giga Shanghai production has decreased and points to stabilizing production rate.