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Ford Has Enhanced Its Certified Preowned Program

Ford Enhances Certified Pre-Owned Program With Two-Week Money-Back Guarantee

Ford, the longtime leader in pickup truck sales, has enhanced its certified preowned program. The enhancement makes the program the leading CPO program in the vehicular world. Starting this month, used-vehicle buyers will be given a two-week, money-back guarantee so they can return their vehicles if there is an issue.
Timing Chain and Belt Assemblies

Timing Chain and Timing Belt Problems and Repair Demonstrated by Mechanics

Here’s an informative guide that will answer many of your timing chain questions: What is a timing chain and how does it work? Which is better---a timing chain or a timing belt? Should timing chains or belts be serviced/replaced periodically to prevent catastrophic engine damage? Will a broken timing chain or belt always result in a damaged engine? What does it take to replace a timing chain or belt and how difficult is it?
Ford's F-150 Lightning Can Be Used To Power Lightless Houses

Ford Lightning Lights Up Their Lives By Powering Homes If Grid Goes Down

Picture this: an ice storm cuts power to millions, but owners of Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pickups have a way out, their trucks. Thanks to Ford ingenuity and the automaker's partners, F-150 customers can use their trucks to power their homes for up to 10 days with rationing or solar charging. It is a new feature.
Used Chevy Trucks Worth Buying and Keeping

Chevy Trucks to Buy and Not Buy Explained by a Chevrolet Mechanic

Thinking about buying a used Chevy truck, but not sure which model in what eras are the keepers worth investing in? Here’s the latest from an experienced Chevrolet truck owner and mechanic who offers this guide about Chevy truck specifics and which you should and should not buy…and why.