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First Things First Approach to a Dash Warning Light

The First Thing to Check with a Check Engine Light Warning

Contrary to what you may have heard about the dreaded check engine warning light on your dashboard panel, it does not necessarily mean that you are in for an expensive repair bill. Here’s a quick video on the first maintenance task you should do before anything else after your check engine light comes on.
Automotive Glue Review by Mechanic

Not Your Average Superglue, This Automotive Adhesive is Mechanic Tested and Recommended

Plastic automotive parts get brittle and break during a disassembly and can be expensive and often hard to find. Here’s an automotive adhesive used by a popular mechanic who recommends this “not your average superglue” super glue for making repairs on your car or just for an on-the-road quick fix.
Lucid Motors Dream Edition

Near Term Catalysts for Lucid Motors, This Is Why Institutions Are Buying Lucid Motors Stock

Lucid Motors is significantly undervalued at $27.43. We are seeing multiple institutions and hedge funds accumulate a ton of shares near these prices after we saw the Tesla Earnings negatively affect Lucid Motors stock price. After the huge dip from the electric vehicle sector, Lucid has had trouble breaking the resistance to $30.
Ford's Bronco Raptor Is A Great Off-Roader; Bronco-R Lessons Learned

Ford Bronco Takes 1-2-3 In Grueling King Of The Hammers Racing

In 2019 and 2020, Ford's Bronco-R ran in the tough Baja 1000. The lessons learned in this backcountry off-road race were well-learned as Ford Performance took them and applied them to a new generation of off-road racing Broncos. Those lessons were learned quite well as Ford took three podiums in this past weekend's King of the Hammers off-road race.
Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Mistakes

Avoid These Common Mistakes During a Valve Cover Gasket Job

Whether you are doing a valve cover gasket job to stop an oil leak or having someone else do it at a service center or garage, here are some common mistakes made that you should avoid or make part of your post-service repair check after the garage completes the job as shown in this example with a 1996 Toyota 4Runner with 280,000 miles.