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A Missouri Tesla Driver Lost His Life In An 'Unusual' Crackup

Was ‘Phantom Braking’ Responsible For Tesla Fatality In Missouri Or Was It Another Issue?

Just how serious is Tesla's "phantom braking" problem? After hundreds of owners complained of their cars stopping at the wrong time, as on major highways or slowing unacceptably, there may have been a fatality related to the problem as a Tesla Model 3 stopped dead on I-70 in Missouri causing a three-car pileup that left one operator dead.
New Tesla Model and Gigafactory

New Tesla Model and Gigafactory

Tesla is planning to expand Giga Shanghai, according to sources familiar with the matter that asked not to be identified, so that Tesla can build up to 2 million cars per year - just in China - just in Giga Shanghai. Tesla will become the largest auto producer in China with this upgrade. 2 million vehicles is quite a lot. Toyota produced 1.6 million vehicles in China in 2021.
Ford Expands Driveshaft Recall to Cover Heavy-Duty Pickups

Ford Expands Pickup Driveshaft Recall To Heavy-Duty Trucks

In the second driveshaft recall in the last three months, Ford has expanded its driveshaft recall to cover heavy-duty pickups (F-250/F-350). In December, the automaker recalled 185,000 F-150 pickups because of potential driveshaft failures. Now, it has recalled about 250,000 heavy-duty pickups for the same problem.
Elon Musk Supplies Ukraine With Starlink Satellite Access

Elon Musk Supplies Ukraine With Starlink Satellite Access

There is a difficult situation with the Ukraine right now with Russia invading. The Ukranian internet has been disrupted due to the invasion. This happened very quickly after a Ukranian government official, Mykhailo Fedorov sent a Tweet asking Elon Musk to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations in order to help them get Internet.