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Tesla Giga Store

Tesla Opens a First-of-its-Kind Gigafactory Inspired “Giga Store” in China

Tesla's unique direct-to-consumer sales approach has been a significant contributor to the company's success. And today, in keeping up with its innovative approach, Tesla has opened a new "Giga Store" in China. The new showroom is designed to look like the inside of Tesla's Gigafactories and is a replica of a vehicle production line.
EVAP System Explained

Three Common Causes of This Check Engine Light Warning OR How Car Rental Agencies Encourage You to Damage Their Vehicles

Have you had a check engine light warning on your dash and been told that you need a new EVAP (evaporative emission control) installed in your vehicle? Find out more about what your EVAP system is and 3 causes common to this check engine light warning. Plus, one warning about the worst thing many car owners do that can damage their car’s EVAP system and why we do this to rental cars.
Tesla Model X

Breaking: Tesla Model X Plaid Spotted in Dubai with World's Most Expensive License Plate Worth $15 Million

On April 8, a custom license plate was sold at a charity auction in Dubai for a world record-setting $15 million. At the time, the auction winner and what kind of vehicle would get the license plate were not revealed. However, today, a blacked-out Tesla Model X Plaid has been spotted driving in Dubai with the $15 million number 7 license plate.