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Consumer Reports Recommends These 6 Used SUV Models

Consumer Reports Lists Their Choice of the Top 6 Most Reliable Reduced Price Used Midsized SUVs

Here’s a summary of the recommended best midsized SUVs that hit the sweet spot where reliability, size, and 5-year depreciation make these midsized SUVs very attractive for smart shoppers. Plus, 3 tips on shopping for a used SUV to avoid a lemon.
Ford's Newly Introduced F-150 Rattler, an entry-level off-roader

Ford Unveils Rattler, Aimed At Entry-Level Off-Roading Crowd

Ford has a lot going on, right now. Indeed, the offerings can look downright schizophrenic when you take a long look. For example, it has a slew of electric offerings and plans to go all-electric later in the decade. Now, though the automaker is offering both its electrics and internal-combustion versions like its new, entry-level off-roader, the Rattler.
Tesla Fremont Factory

Tesla (TSLA) Finishes Q1 2022 With Only 17 Inventory Vehicles In The US

Despite Tesla increasing vehicle production at an incredible pace, demand for the EV maker's vehicles seems to have no end. And in a new sign of the skyrocketing demand, today Tesla inventory tracking sight announced the EV maker ended the quarter with only 17 inventory vehicles in the US.